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Section D : Manufacturing
Division 24 : Manufacture of chemicals and Chemical products
Group Class Sub - Class Description
241     Manufacture of basic chemicals
  2411   Manufacture of basic chemicals except fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
    24111 Manufacture of industrial gases (includes manufacture of elemental gases, liquid or compressed air, acetylene refrigerant gases and mixed industrial gases etc.)
  24112   Manufacture of inorganic acids (nitric acid is included in sub-class 24121).
    24113 Manufacture of tanning or dying extracts; tannings and their derivatives and colouring matter (manufacture of indigo is included)
    24114 Manufacture of dyes (includes manufacture of such dyes and colouring matters which are for final use by household/ industrial/ institutional consumers, manufacture of special dyes used in laboratories e.g. to colour microscopic preparations is also included)
    24115 Manufacture of turpentine and resins of vegetable origin
    24116 Manufacture of organic acids (includes acetic acid); alcohols; phenols and phenol alcohols; methanol and higher alcohols.
    24117 Manufacture of basic inorganic chemicals n.e.c
    24118 Manufacture of industrial monocarboxilic fatty acids, acid oils from refining and industrial fatty alcohols ; Manufacture of glycerine
    24119 Manufacture of basic organic chemicals n.e.c
  2412   Manufacture of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
    24121 Manufacture of nitric acid, ammonia, commercial ammonium chloride, nitrates of potassium and other basic chemicals of nitrogenous fertilizer industry
    24122 Manufacture of straight inorganic fertilizers
    24123 Manufacture of urea and other organic fertilizers
    24124 Manufacture of mixed, compound or complex fertilizers
    24129 Manufacture of others fertilizers n.e.c. ( manufacture of pesticides are classified in class 2421)
  2413   Manufacture of plastics in primary forms and of synthetic rubber
    24131 Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms
    24132 Manufacture of amino-resins, phenolic-resins and polyurethanes in primary forms
    24133 Manufacture of cellulose and its chemical derivatives in primary form
    24134 Manufacture of natural polymers and modified natural polymer in primary forms
    24139 Manufacture of other plastics in primary forms n.e.c. (including mixtures of synthetic rubber and natural rubber or rubber like gum e.g. balata, in primary forms
242     Manufacture of other chemical products
  2421   Manufacture of pesticides and other agro chemical products
    24211 Manufacture of insecticides, fungicides and weedicides
    24219 Manufacture of other pesticides and agro chemical products n.e.c.
  2422   Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings printing ink and mastics
    24221 Manufacture of prepared pigments, prepared opacifiers and prepared colours, vitrifiable enamels and glazes engobes and similar preparations of a kind used in the ceramic, enamelling or glass industry
    24222 Manufacture of paints, varnishes, enamels or lacquers
    24223 Manufacture of printing ink (manufacture of writing or drawing ink is classified in sub-class 24299)
    24224 Manufacture of pigments and other colouring matter of a kind used in the manufacture of paints or by artists or other painters
    24229 Manufacture of mastics, caulking compounds or similar non-refractory filling or surfacing preparations; prepared other paints/ varnishes removers; organic composite solvents and thinners, and other related products n.e.c
  2423   Manufacture of pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemicals and botanical products
    24231 Manufacture of chemical substances used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals: antibiotics, endocrine products, basic vitamins; opium derivatives; sulpha drugs; serums and plasmas; salicylic acid, its salts and esters; glycosides and vegetable alkaloids; chemically pure sugar etc.
    24232 Manufacture of allopathic pharmaceutical preparations
    24233 Manufacture of ‘ayurvedic’ or ‘unani’ pharmaceutical preparation
    24234 Manufacture of homoeopathic or biochemic pharmaceutical preparations
    24235 Manufacture of veterinary preparations
    24236 Manufacture of surgical dressings, medicated wadding, fracture bandages, catgut and other prepared sutures
    24239 Manufacture of other pharmaceutical and botanical products like hina powder etc., n.e.c
  2424   Manufacture of soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations
    24241 Manufacture of soaps all types (includes medicated soap, household soaps, rosin, naphthenate soaps and industrial soaps
    24242 Manufacture of waxes & polishes (includes manufacture of artificial waxes, prepared waxes; polishes and creams for footwear, furniture, floor, coachwork, glass or metals and scouring-pastes/powders and similar preparations)
    24243 Manufacture of organic surface-active agents (surfactants) and preparations based thereon, detergents, auxiliary washing preparations (for rinsing or bleaching cloths) and cleaning preparations (for floors/windows etc.)
    24244 Manufacture of perfumes and cologne de-eau
    24245 Manufacture of preparations for oral or dental hygiene (includes manufacture of toothpastes, toothpowder, mouthwash, oral, perfumes, dental fixative pastes and powders etc.)
    24246 Manufacture of cosmetics and toileteries (includes manufacture of pre-shave,shaving or after shave preparations; personal deodorants and anti-respirants; perfumed bath salts and other bath preparations; beauty or make-up preparations and preparations for the care of the skin, other than medicaments; manicure and pedicure preparations etc.)
    24247 Manufacture of hair oil, shampoo, hair dye etc. (includes manufacture of shampoos, hair sprays, hair fixers, hair oils, hair creams, hair dyes and bleaches and preparations for permanent waving or straightening of the hair etc.
    24248 Manufacture of “Agarbatti” and other odoriferous preparations which operate by burning
    24249 Manufacture of other perfumes and toilet preparations n.e.c. (includes manufacture of scented sachets, perfumed papers, contact lens solution and animal preparations etc.
  2429   Manufacture of other chemical product n.e.c
    24291 Manufacture of matches
    24292 Manufacture of explosive, ammunition and fire works
    24293 Manufacture of essential oils; modification by chemical processes (e.g. by oxidation, polymerization etc.) of oils and fats
    24294 Manufacture of photochemical products such as photographic plates, films, sensitized paper, other sensitized unexposed materials and chemical preparations for photographic use; manufacture of prepared unrecorded media for sound recording and similar recording of other phenomena (e.g. compact disks, diskettes and floppies)
    24295 Manufacture of gelatin and gelatin derivatives, glues of animal origin, prepared glues and other prepared adhesives including adhesives based on rubber or plastics
    24296 Manufacture of chemical elements and compounds doped for use in electronics
    24297 Manufacture of chemical products or preparations of a kind used in the textiles paper, leather or like industries
    24298 Manufacture of processed salt
    24299 Manufacture of fine chemicals and other chemical products n.e.c. (including anti-knock preparations, anti-freeze preparations, liquids for hydraulic transmission, composite diagnostic or laboratory reagents, writing or drawing ink, chemical substance used in manufacturing of pesticides and other chemical products
243 2430   Manufacture of man-made fibers [This class includes manufacture of artificial or synthetic filament and non-filament fibers.]
    24301 Manufacture of artificial filament tow and staple fibers, not carded or combed
    24302 Manufacture of synthetic filament tow and staple fibers, not carded or combed
    24303 Manufacture of artificial filament yarn, whether or not textured, high tenacity, multiple or cabled
    24304 Manufacture of synthetic filament yarn, whether or not textured, high tenacity, multiple or cabled.
    24305 Manufacture of artificial non-filament or strip (e.g. artificial straw)
    24306 Manufacture of synthetic non-filament or strip
    24309 Manufacture of other man made fibre n.e.c.
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